Most mortgage programs, such as FHA and conventional loans, require at least 3.5 percent to five percent down.That’s up to $12,500 on a $250,000 home purchase. With a VA loan, you can buy immediately, rather than years of saving for a down payment. With a VA loan, you also avoid steep mortgage insurance fees.

If there’s someone who can address your concerns when buying a home with VA mortgage, it’s them. As you go along with the VA mortgage process, never hesitate to seek guidance to assure a smooth journey. To get you started, here are important questions you should ask your VA-approved lender. What do your past customers say?

The VA Home Loan Closing Process: Everything You Need to Know. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The closer will ask the seller to execute a deed to convey title to the property to the purchaser.. Current The VA Home Loan Closing Process: Everything You Need to Know has answers to your most pressing VA Loan and mortgage questions. Get expert tips and solutions to help you through the loan process. Read more.

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Six Questions to Ask Your Lender About a VA Loan. If you’re a veteran who served at least 90 days during wartime or 181 days during peacetime, active duty service member, or a spouse of an active duty service member or veteran, you most likely qualify for a VA loan. However, be sure you provide your lender with any and all documentation he.

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Questions Veterans Should Ask Their Realtor About a VA Loan 5 min read December 6, 2017 Realtors are waking up to the fact that military families, veterans, and even single military men and women make up part of a growing homeowner niche.

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Because this is one of the most important mortgage loan questions, make sure you ask it based on the amount of monthly payments you know you can handle. Before you go to a lender, analyze your budget and determine the amount you’re comfortable with, as well as how much money you’ll be able to put down.